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Microsoft's vision is to empower people through great software - any time, any place and on any device.
As the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing, Microsoft strives to produce innovative products and services that meet their customers' evolving needs. At the same time, Microsoft understands that long-term success is about more than just making great products.

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software -- any time, any place and on any device.

Building on the popularity of the Windows operating system and the Office productivity suite, Microsoft is now focused on developing technology for the next-generation Internet. The company's .NET platform will enable businesses to collaborate to offer an unprecedented range of integrated and customized solutions -- solutions that enable their customers to act on information wherever and whenever they need it.

Realistic Solution is proud to be a Microsoft Partner. In addition to our many Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers ("MCSE"), Realistic Solution has several Windows 2000 MCSE's and several SQL Server 2000 Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrators ("MCDBA") on staff. Realistic Solution continues to invest in training & education to grow the Realistic Solution team's internal knowledge skill set.

Visit Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com

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