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Realistic Solution Board of Directors & Key Management

Realistic Solution is a privately held company. Its business policies, philosophies, foundation and investments are based on the direction and decisions of the board.
The Realistic Solution board is made up of a diverse group of individuals from a variety of industries.

The board brings a solid foundation of education, experience and knowledge to the company.

As with any successful business, the board is a key element in the success of Realistic Solution and continues to contribute significant "intellectual capital" to the company

Although "intellectual capital" is not reflected on company financial statements, it is significant and valuable asset of Realistic Solution.

Board Members
Dr. Syed Shuja-ul-Hassan
A leading educationist running a group of instutions for last 32 years and his good will and contributions to the field of education are not hidden from anyone.

Engr. Muhammad Naeem Akhtar
Mrs. Saima Naeem
Dr. Muhammad Nauman Akhtar
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