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AccountMate Software, a Softline company, has earned a reputation throughout the industry for its development of modifiable financial information software. In 2000, AccountMate extended its global reach by joining forces with Softline Software, a financial software leader in South Africa and Australia. With offices in Asia, Australia, Canada, South Africa, U.K. and the U.S., their corporate presence now spans the entire globe. Accountmate's easy-to-modify software enables businesses from a broad range of industries to enjoy complete financial information solutions customized to their specific requirements. This software is on the job in over 200 industries, from distributors of aircraft parts to manufacturers of apparel to public housing authorities and more.

AccountMate Software provides cutting-edge, financial information software as a stand-alone system, and as a solid foundation upon which third-party developers can build a wide variety of industry-specific solutions to meet virtually all business automation needs.

Visit Accountmate Software at http://www.accountmate.com
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