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AccountMate 6.0 for MSDE and   SQL
Complete Inventory Management System
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APM™ for Oracle
  Realistic Solution is a business software & technology
consulting firm focused on providing customized business
solutions for progressive & growing enterprises with limited
IT resources.
Anouncing NetVault Release 7-NOW AVAILABLE!
Providesimproved scalability, increased automation and
enhancedadministrator productivity for the enterprise
market while providing increased ease of use and a lower
AccountMate 6.0 is a real-time, customizable business
management and accounting solution designed to address
the needs of medium-sized businesses. AccountMate 6.0
for MSDE AccountMate 6.0 for SQL

Ideal Antiviruses for those who want maximum security
and ease-of-use. Completely automatic updates, low memory
use and advanced technology for Internet and
e-mail protection.
Globalization. Simplification. Standardization. Automation. Innovation. These five principles underlie everything we do at Oracle.
We have Industry-based and Business-based solutions to help you drive your company from action to innovation.
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